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Artificial Lawns in Barnet, Finchley and Watford

Are you looking at better ways to have a beautiful garden while saving money?  If you’re a homeowner looking to improve your garden immeasurably, you might have been asking questions, looking around, trying to find the best value in the long term, you can do no better than coming to us at ETG.

At the European Turf Group we pride ourselves on using innovative new technologies and processes to make our products marketable and worthwhile to an extremely wide range of different clients, from those who wish to save money on and improve the quality of football stadiums to homeowners looking for a new approach to their garden.  Our specialities are artificial and hybrid lawns.  So, the first thing to ask is, naturally: Why use an artificial lawn?

Artificial lawns have many advantages.  The first is time.  Obviously, planting a real lawn requires that you allow the grass to grow – not exactly an overnight task.  Naturally this leads to the next point: maintenance.  Real grass requires regular mowing, the spraying of pesticides to prevent damage, inspection to maintain healthy grass, etc.  An artificial lawn requires none of these things.  Going back to saving time, we have a reputation at installing artificial lawns safely but also very rapidly.  So already, you can save time and maintenance costs if you get us to install an artificial lawn in your garden.

How about authenticity?  Surely artificial grass wouldn’t look or feel as real as the actual thing, right?  

If you choose ETG, we guarantee you will not be able to tell the difference between your brand new artificial lawn designed by us – tailored to your needs, moreover – and your old grass.  We never compromise on quality.

Furthermore, as ETG is an innovation based company, we have developed technologies to give our lawns even more possible advantages for our clients; notably, our heating systems and base systems.  Ever worry about your children harming themselves by falling hard onto the ground if they’re playing in your garden?  Our base systems are shock absorbent, which has the effect of nullifying any impact; thus, your child will be able to play more safely if you choose to ask us to develop your lawn.  Or in winter when it’s very cold, wouldn’t you enjoy being able to sit in your garden and feel comfortably warm as your feet touch the grass?  Our heating ribbon system can keep your artificial lawn warm at very low maintenance costs.  These are just some of the advantages of using an ETG artificial or hybrid lawn.


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