About Us

What sets ETG apart from the average company?  It is our dedication to innovation.  We have access to over 6,000,000 SQM (square metres) of manufacturing capability for sports, golf and landscapes.  But that doesn’t mean we only do things on a massive scale.  We are opening up our market to homeowners who want innovative solutions to garden problems.

The trouble is, whilst other artificial turf providers are also good and their work commendable – most of all by us – their focuses are unfortunately often too narrow.  So, whilst they may provide artificial lawns at good prices, they lack the truly cutting edge technology necessary to make these really useful to every single kind of homeowner – let alone those who need artificial or hybrid lawns for football stadiums or golf courses.

Thanks to our 20 plus years of experience in our trade, we have recognised that not only is having a unique brand necessary, but of equal importance is having a brand which offers a truly wide range of solutions to turf based issues.  Not only do we offer both artificial and hybrid turf, we also offer two genuinely unique systems to go make our turf really special: our heating systems and our base systems.  If you could experience the benefits of these systems in advance, you’d recommend ETG to everyone you know without exception!

To put it simply: Don’t you think the option of having your lawn heated would be really useful?  Equally, don’t you want to let your kids roam in your garden without worrying about their safety?  With our specialised heating and base systems, you can keep your lawn warm and due to the shock absorbing technology of our base systems – which we place over the earth and under your new artificial lawn – your garden will never be safer.  That’s why you’re best off choosing our company; to put it another way, why not pick what will serve whatever purpose you need with the most effectiveness?