Artificial Lawn Barnet, Artificial Grass Barnet, Artificial Turf Barnet

In Barnet there are many different things which have differing requirements: it doesn’t matter.  Whether you own a house, manage a school or own a golfing club, your grass, lawn and/or turf will invariably require maintenance and alterations as time passes.  ETG are able to provide solutions for all such problems.

Whether you purchase new grass, turf or a new lawn from them, they will fit it for you and offer a guaranteed quality of both service and product, offering both supply and installation.  You’ll never have to worry about weeds again with ETG’s special technology.  Artificial grass, turf and lawns – especially from ETG – have one massive advantage: no need for maintenance!

Their specialised technology also means drainage solutions come as part of the package offered.  Several aspects of their technology will particularly of interest for schools: their base system technology, placed underneath their artificial lawns, protects from sports injuries.  And their radiant heating ribbons are automatically linked to a control system, designed to switch on and off by itself to conserve energy.  It is not only cheaper than conventional heating systems but also easier to maintain – and, in fact, safer, as there is no need for circulation pumps – or mechanical pumps for that matter.  And no need to ever again worry about muddy feet and all that pointless time wasted cleaning up after an unnecessary mess.

Finally, don’t be put off by the idea that artificial turf won’t be suited to your golf course if you own one.  ETG’s artificial grass is designed to look and feel as real as you could imagine – and beyond.  They place top quality as an essential part of all their products.  In terms of viability, long term considerations and safety, all such things are highly important at ETG which is why they, too, are guaranteed.  And if artificial turf still feels somehow not right to you, then how about hybrid turf?  They offer both.

So, if you have any such pressing needs, come to ETG.  Whether you own a golf course or sports club, manage a school or have your own property in the area of Barnet, they can take care of all your needs for new, fresh grass, turf or lawns – artificial and hybrid but of such quality and design, you’ll probably end up preferring it to real grass!