Artificial Lawn Edgware, Artificial Grass Edgware, Artificial Turf Edgware

When you think of grass in Edgware, you probably think of Watling Park and Silkstream Park.  It’s natural and human to love grass, and the idea of replacing your attractive lawn in your garden or the turf of your golf club or grass of your school’s yard may not be too appealing.

But think about practicality.  What do you need?  What you want is important, of course.  Let’s just say, however, that you could have an artificial lawn in your garden which looks and feels almost completely real, but with the advantages of some innovative technology that increases safety and reduces costs in one combined stroke?  Would you really say no to such an opportunity?  Using ETG-UK will without any doubt result in no more weeds, no maintenance, advanced drainage solutions, no more muddy feet, and guaranteed quality.

That is exactly what ETG-UK can offer you as a homeowner.  Through their base system technology and radiant heating ribbons system – which comes with their grass products – you can prevent injuries and reduce costs.  The former prevents injuries from happening easily at all; the latter will reduce maintenance costs almost to zero due to its automatic control system which switches the heating on and off by itself, saving the trouble of requiring either circulation pumps or mechanical ones.  Radiant heating ribbons have also been proven to be safer than standard heating systems. Moreover, this technology is hyper modern, pet friendly and child friendly.

The same will be the case if you own a sports club or have a senior management position at a school.  Sportsmen and children are hard to insure without significant cost.  And your school will also need insurance.  With the extra safety provided by the base system technology and radiant heating ribbons, and also the cost reduction by default of the latter (as it requires no real maintenance), and the safety advantages leading to further reduction of financial cost, you can’t go wrong.