Artificial Lawn Finchley, Artificial Grass Finchley, Artificial Turf Finchley

Finchley, like every other part of London, has a need for different kinds of grass depending on the way it is used. Finchley golf club is particularly well known, for example. Victoria Park may be the best example of how you can see beautiful, real, fresh grass in your local area. You wouldn’t trade it for anything…but should you? After all, natural beauty aside, what if you are a homeowner and fed up of the difficulty of managing your lawn? Or the principal of a school who needs greater safety for your students?

In all such cases, it would make sense to approach ETG-UK.

ETG have had much experience all over Europe assisting all such people, from homeowners to owners of different sports clubs, schools and more. They provide top quality, innovative solutions to grass, turf and lawn problems, by offering exceptionally well designed artificial grass, turf and lawns, as well as hybrid ones, which are combined with hyper modern technology that further makes these products near perfect.

For example, if you have your own sports club in Finchley, you may want to ensure that your patrons don’t press charges because of the quality of the grass you use if they suffer injuries…how do you accomplish this? By using ETG. Their base system technology is placed underneath all their artificial lawns, and is designed specifically to protect against sports injuries.

Alternatively, what if you have to manage a school, and you need to save money? Most artificial and hybrid grass, turf or lawns do not have a cost effective heating system. But ETG’s products have a unique system of radiant heating ribbons, designed specially to use as little energy as possible, to increase safety, reduce maintenance and reduce cost. You don’t need to worry about circulation or mechanical pumps; everything is done by the artificial heating ribbons.

No more weeds, no maintenance, advanced drainage solutions, no more muddy feet, and guaranteed quality? These are some of the biggest gains you’ll obtain from using ETG-UK.

It’s similar if you are a homeowner. An artificial lawn might sound less genuine than the soft grass of a real lawn. Equally, what if you want to save time and money in the long term? Then you would choose to use an artificial one from ETG. No one will even notice the difference.

If you live or work in Finchley, try ETG. You won’t be disappointed.