Artificial Lawn Rickmansworth, Artificial Grass Rickmansworth, Artificial Turf Rickmansworth

When you think of anything related to grass in Rickmansworth, you probably are thinking of the Aquadrome.  Subjectively you may find it to be a beautiful place, and its grass is a huge part of that, to be sure.  But all that natural green grass doesn’t always work everywhere, in every scenario.

As a homeowner, you don’t have the luxury of simply admiring the beauty of your grass; you have to mow it, protect it, nurture it, and so on.  If you have a senior position in a school, you need to think about the safety of your students first and foremost – real grass might actually not be best.  If you own a sports club of any kind, the same issues will undoubtedly arise: safety, cost effectiveness, maintenance requirements, sustainability, viability.

ETG-UK will solve all these problems for you with their exceptionally high quality artificial and hybrid grass, turf and lawns, all of which also are combined with innovative, money saving cutting edge technology which also provides more safety.

ETG have made a name for themselves doing artificial and hybrid grass, turf and lawns all over Europe for all manner of clients, and particularly for the above three areas: houses, schools and clubs, through their combination of innovative technology – base system technology and radiant heated ribbons, to name the two most important innovations – with top quality but affordable artificial and hybrid grass products.

Why use artificial or hybrid grass?  In the case of ETG, they prize quality above all else, so you won’t notice the difference; in fact, it may be softer than real grass.  Most important is the advantages it offers to you.

As a homeowner, if you need to save money and have something that is easy to maintain, you would be best off choosing an artificial lawn from ETG.  You’ll never need to worry about the safety of yourself or your children again thanks to ETG’s base system technology, which is placed underneath all their artificial turf.

If you own a sports club, artificial or hybrid turf will not only be safer for the same reasons detailed above, but due to the radiant heated ribbons system present, you will be able to save money and increase safety further while still having the option to heat your grass.  The radiant heated ribbons are based on an automatic control system which make the usage of circulation or mechanical pumps unnecessary and reduce costs enormously.

What about schools?  Same advantages: more safety, more cost effectiveness in the long term, less maintenance, etc.

Think about it: no more weeds, no maintenance, advanced drainage solutions, no more muddy feet, and guaranteed quality?  This can’t be anything but a huge advantage for you.

So in any such case, come to ETG-UK.  They will open up your mind to the new possibilities of what artificial and hybrid lawns, grass and turf can be for you.