Artificial Lawn St. Albans, Artificial Grass St. Albans, Artificial Turf St. Albans

If you live or work in St. Albans, you’ll likely be familiar with Verulamium Park and Clarence Park, and the grass in these places, although something you may take for granted, is a huge part of what makes them worthwhile.  With that in mind, as a homeowner, would you really choose to give up your real, beautiful grass for an artificial variant?

That is where ETG-UK come in.  When you have to be both practical and simultaneously increase the qualitative value of your property, club or school, they can help you.

You probably don’t want to replace your real lawn with an artificial one when you think about it.  But actually think about it more seriously and with a different perspective: think about long term viability, saving funds, reducing or eliminating maintenance costs, safety, and so on.  What can you do?

You can ask ETG-UK for help.  They will not only provide top quality artificial grass, lawns and turf, they’ll also supply and install it for you, whether you are a homeowner, have a senior management position at a school or own a sports club.

So if you are a homeowner and need to save money that would otherwise be spent on your child if they were injured in a fall, or on maintaining your lawn, get ETG to install an artificial one for you.  ETG offers two innovative technologies to all its products: a radiant heating ribbons system which reduces maintenance almost to zero through its automatic control system – and avoids the need for mechanical or circulation pumps; and a base system technology which makes a massive difference in preventing injuries from falls.

What if you are in a senior position at a school or have your own sports club?  The same applies. Less injuries, no need to worry about maintenance and good quality together combine to an advantage you can’t afford to pass up on.  Whether you choose artificial or hybrid turf, the advantages of ETG-UK’s innovations will still be there.

Choosing artificial or hybrid turf, lawn or grass from ETG-UK will mean more weeds, no maintenance, advanced drainage solutions, no more muddy feet, and guaranteed quality.  So visit their website, see for yourself, and try their services.  You won’t be disappointed.