Artificial Lawn Watford, Artificial Grass Watford, Artificial Turf Watford

Watford is an area well known for its grass, with forty three public parks, gardens, allotments and recreation grounds present in the area. With that being the case, whether you’re a homeowner, sports club owner or have some senior managerial position at a school, you may be thinking the same thing: why worry about artificial or hybrid turfs when there is already so much grass?

Because this is the modern world, and you need to think about saving money on all fronts: not just the actual immediate cost of products but their long term viability, sustainability, cost effectiveness over time, accessibility and, perhaps crucially, safety. That is what ETG (the European Turf Group) offers.

As a resident of or someone who works in Watford, you might wander through Cassiobury Park one day and think it is an amazing place, that the grass is something wonderful. But if you own a golf or other sports club, that similar kind of grass might not be so good. Choosing artificial or hybrid turf from ETG would make so much more sense in the long run.

For one thing, ETG’s base system technology is specifically designed to protect people from being injured when they fall. It is placed underneath all ETG’s artificial and hybrid lawns, and this ensures safety at all times; ergo, as a sports club owner you are guaranteed to save money in the long term because less or no injuries equals less of a need to worry about company insurance.

The same applies for ETG’s unique radiant ribbons heating system, something you’ll find remarkably useful due to its advantages: it reduces maintenance and cost considerably, it increases safety by a significant margin and it is based around an automatic control system. Keeping your grass warm for less money and with more efficiency makes so much sense whatever you own or manage.

And it will also save money if you, as a homeowner, need a new lawn, because of the same long term advantages. All of the advantages detailed above means the following things will be true: no more weeds, no maintenance, advanced drainage solutions, no more muddy feet, and guaranteed quality. This can’t help but be a good thing for you and those around you.

With all this in mind, try ETG-UK for these solutions. You have nothing to lose except your worries.