Artificial Turf

Artificial grass isn’t something always thought of positively.  With the prevailing mechanisation of our society in general, there has understandably been a counter reaction from many across the world – including, sometimes, in business – and even a word like “Artificial” can make people uncomfortable.  So you might ask yourself: why bother with artificial turf?

The answer is because companies who have a holistic approach – who want to minimise damage to the environment and simply help save money for everyone: homeowners, club owners, school principals, etc – all those who use our services – are finding new and innovative approaches to artificial grass.  Ours, based on over twenty years of experience in this field, is centred on the consumer and user; on saving money, increasing safety wherever it is used, and allowing an equilibrium of experience: in short, providing the consumer with the same effect as they would get with real grass, minus maintenance and time costs, and providing an increase in safety and general usefulness.  Our experts will help you choose the right artificial turf for your purposes, whatever  and whoever you may be.

Hybrid Turf

Hybrid grass is an interesting invention, one allowing the same uses as regular grass but – particularly in our case – an increase in safety and more ease of frequent usage, as well as greater stability when compared to normal grass.  If you’re looking to make the viability of your turf greater while keeping real grass in place, hybrid turf is the best option.  It is especially well suited to stadiums, sports clubs and training grounds due to its flexibility.

Our hybrid turf is tufted and woven, giving it a feel almost identical to normal grass, and its pitch is 100% natural; reinforced with 3% synthetic fibres.  It also allows for natural grass growth and water permeability.